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Vote for YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2017 - Check Ballot #33 on March 7, 2017

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A message from YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2017
Dear Los Angelenos,
Los Angeles should be the most wonderful city in the world. We have great weather, a multitude of people with a varied background, an unrivaled enterprise and culture, a gateway to the Far East with major ports for business and industry. The LA leadership performance has been failing for many years. The corruption is running rampant. Los Angeles is on the verge of bankruptcy. We must replace the current leadership if we are to survive the current financial disaster and mishandling of city revenues and assets. We must restore fiscal responsibility to LA City Hall or we are doomed.
The City Hall insiders have been bought and paid for by the special interests and have totally ignored the average residents/stakeholders and their concerns and hardships over and over. It is imperative that we stop this culture of corruption and favoritism.
This is the twenty fourth hour. Time is running out and we must begin to create a better future for Los Angeles. I care about Los Angeles, a wonderful and thriving city. I strongly believe that we need a strong and determined leader that can bring people together to solve difficult challenges with innovative solutions. With my track record as Neighborhood rejuvenator and being an advocate for neighborhood councils and residents/stakeholders all over this City, I believe I am the only choice to put Los Angeles back on the road to economic health and confidence in its leadership. As a unified and cohesive force we can revive and bring back Los Angeles to its deserved fame and status.
Join me in our campaign to rebuild Los Angeles and create a sustainable future for the residents/stakeholders and our families.
"Let us take back our city and make it Los Angeles governed by the people for the people"
YJ Draiman

"We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes,

but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers"

Los Angeles Mayoral Elections – March 7, 2017

YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2017 –

To all the people of Los Angeles -

After hearing some of the hardships and abuse committed in the name of humanity. I realized that I have a voice; a strong voice; that must be utilized with no limitation; a voice that perhaps I use very often. But this voice would not be taken for granted. I felt that I should become a voice for those that didn't have a voice, for those whose voice can't and won’t be heard by others.

That's when I decided to pursue a mission; “to voice the people who are not being heard and or ignored, to be a voice for those who need a voice."
This scenario of listening to the peoples voice, applies to the people of Los Angeles; the one’s who sacrifice and who work everyday, raise a family, have no wealth, and do not have a voice in our government and its decisions that affect their lives, and their voice is not heard or ignored.
It is time to listen to the people and respond to their needs and demands without equivocations.

As your elected representative I will represent you the people, the ones who are ignored and overlooked, I will not back down to pressure; I will not capitulate to mounting demands by the money people.

As your elected representative it is my duty and obligation to represent all the people of Los Angeles equally and faithfully with no favoritism to any group or special interest.
Honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability will be my primary goals. Furthermore, I plan on setting up a department which their mission will be to help struggling businesses and help bring back business and industry to
Los Angeles by providing incentives. This will create jobs and increase revenues to the City, State and Federal government.

I am tired of paying for someone else’s lunch.

Thank you.

Your humble servant,

YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2017

"I dream of a world where the truth is what shapes people's politics, rather than politics shaping what people think is true."










Rebuilding Trust in Our Government

One of Americas statesmen stated “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” His presidency ushered in an era of disdain for government and a widespread cynicism that government could be effective in addressing our challenges.

Today, as we confront a crisis that has shaken confidence in our financial system and economy, we have an opportunity to restore public trust and confidence in the legitimate role of government. Indeed, to effectively tackle our economic challenges and to implement the reforms we need in our healthcare, education, energy, and environmental policies, our government will need to garner strong public support.

However, rebuilding public trust will not happen in the face of a pervasive perception that government is not transparent and accountable, cronyism is rampant, and public officials are more interested in helping themselves than in serving the public good.

Taking strong, swift, and decisive action to address abuses and begin to rebuild public trust should be the first priority for our city, state and federal government in the new legislative session.

Create a Task Force on Public Integrity with a mission to develop a comprehensive proposal for ethics and lobbying reform in our city and state. Which addresses reforms in three areas: (1) strengthening enforcement of ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying laws; (2) strengthening civil and criminal penalties for abuses; and (3) improving awareness and education for public officials.

Reinforce honesty, integrity and transparency by government officials as the core requirement to be and stay in office, any violations of these core tenets will cause the removal of the public official and the loss of "all benefits" retroactive.

While the many of our elected officials and government employees are honest, dedicated public servants, the actions of a few create a dark cloud over all.

Taking strong, swift, and decisive action to address these abuses and begin to rebuild public trust should be the first priority for our city, state and federal government in the new legislative session.

Compiled by: YJ Draiman

The public is entitled to expect from its servants a set of standards far above the morals of the marketplace. Those who exercise public and political power are trustees of the hopes and aspirations of all mankind. They are the trustees of a system of government in which the people must be able to place their absolute trust; for the preservation of their welfare, their safety and all they hold dear depends upon it.

To the people of Los Angeles – YJ Draiman 

It is my understanding that based on our constitution; People “shall have the right to resist any person or persons seeking to abolish their constitutional rights, should no other remedy be possible”. 

All the governments’ authority emanates from the people. The people are not satisfied with the rather poor performance of our government. It is time to elect a new slate of candidates, whose main concern are the people.

A nation’s corruptive and corrosive power could only exist by the nation’s apathy.  Therefore as people of a democratic country, we must rise above this apathy and vote for the right people in public office. We should vote for people who care about the everyday working class, who want what is best for the people. 

My main interest is not making money, but building an organization. I am an efficiency expert and a troubleshooter. My goal is to bring Los Angeles back to economic prosperity.

Instinct is no guide to political conduct. Effective leadership is always forced – whatever its motives – to represent itself as a carrier of ideas embodying purposes.  All truly great achievements in history resulted from the actualization of principals, not from the clever evaluation of political condition.  A good and effective leader must care about the people and address their needs. 

For a man to be elected as mayor of Los Angeles, he must have a strong will and the guts to prevail.  To become mayor of the people you have to overcome the handicap of the political machine and special interests groups. You must motivate the people to vote for you in order for them to survive in these hard economic times.

If you want to see a transformation of attitudes towards the people of Los Angeles, with the goal to improve economic conditions and a strong and effective government, I urge you to vote for me. 

Your humble servant

YJ Draiman

For Mayor of Los Angeles 2013 


Draiman's Plan for LA’s Fiscal Sustainability

LA faces a chronic budget crisis that threatens critical services and weakens our competitiveness against other major cities. To meet that crisis head on, city government has to be reinvented. It has to deliver better services to residents and businesses and better value to LA taxpayers. Transparency and accountability must be improved, and LA will have to make tough budget choices at the same time that it invests in and plans for the future. Draiman’s Government Reinvention and Fiscal Sustainability Agenda details more than $900 million in efficiencies and better use of existing resources to support reinvention and balance LA’s budget.
Immediately Address the City's Fiscal Imbalance
LA’s 2011 budget relied heavily on reserve funds and stimulus money that is no longer available. Delay in addressing the financial crisis won’t work, and Draiman will begin immediately to implement reforms and balance the budget when he takes office. Just like households and businesses around the city have to do, having some money left at the end of the year is an important discipline and a sign that the city has started to live within its means.
$600 million dollar plus proposed budget solution
Freeze spending and order efficiency measures on day one
Draiman’s budget agenda outlines strategies, from setting and enforcing performance benchmarks to streamlining the bureaucracy that will drive down government spending. Strategies that produce the most immediate savings will be prioritized and implemented on an expedited basis to outperform the 2012 budget targets. Draiman will freeze spending, and department heads will be directed to review all operations and produce a plan within sixty days of taking office to cut city spending by more than $95 million from 2012 budgeted levels.
Make Performances Measurement Public and Set Targets for Cost Reductions and Service Quality Improvements
LA’s performance measurement program is ineffective, lacks focus, and has two fundamental flaws. First, the program does not establish the unit cost of services or benchmark services against other comparable public and private sector leaders. Second, the program is not subject to public review and regular reporting to the City Council. Draiman will change that.
Draiman will tie performance measures to a limited number of clearly defined goals for the City. Managers will be held accountable for meeting or beating goals and employee training and evaluation will be driven by continuous improvement of both service quality and efficiency. To support continuous improvement, critical services will be prioritized and benchmarked against other comparable cities and public and private sector top performers for both the quality and cost of service. There will be measurable cost reduction and service improvement targets for each performance measure, they will be reported to the public and City Council, and quarterly progress reports will be issued. The reporting will include an easy to access dashboard and exception report that flags any measure that doesn’t meet the target or shows a negative performance trend.


  Los Angeles 2017

Will Los Angeles get the Economic and Political Revolution that it so desperately needs? - Draiman
Only time will tell. What’s certain for now is that only when the machine and its masters no longer dictate and control L.A.’s fate can this diverse and dynamic region recover and resume its ascent toward greatness.
We as voters are getting exactly what we have reaped because we fail to elect any leaders that actually know whom we are, and what we think. Our salvation can only come from our votes, and we should vote the man, not the party! Vote for the person that has proven his way from a humble beginning, and succeeded...oh yeah!
That's right! You won't find any such person because unless they sell out to a special interest group with money, fat chance they will be able to afford to compete in the arena of the privileged elite! Money actually buys our leaders even before they are elected!
The current job down turn was badly handles from the beginning and the government’s response to the crisis has, in some instances, made matters worse.

Los Angeles government by the people for the people” Let us take back our city from the corrupt politicians.”
We can do it, if we all vote.
We can overcome the special interests vote and take back our city. We outnumber them by a least 8-2.
Remember, every vote counts, so do not let yours go to waste.
Not voting, is voting by default, it only doubles the influence of the ones who vote.
YJ Draiman for Mayor

Who controls the Media controls the Nation and its direction
American thought and American politics will be largely at the mercy of those who operate these stations, for publicity is the most powerful weapon that can be wielded in a republic. And when such a weapon is placed in the hands of one person, or a single selfish group is permitted to either tacitly or otherwise acquire ownership or dominate these broadcasting stations throughout the country, then woe be to those who dare to differ with them. It will be impossible to compete with them in reaching the ears of the American people. Or people in any country with such Media power.


Media accuracy and unbiased reporting must be enforced r3

It seems the Media cannot regulate itself to present a true and honest reporting.
Responsible and honest reporting has been replaced with ambiguous confusing and illusory news reports, with no regard to the consequences. Facts and sources are not properly verified and an inaccurate unsubstantiated news story gets released to the public, and that may cause substantial harm.
Why is the Media not charged with incitement?
Why is the Media not punished for staging a scene? 
They pay some individuals to throw stones at soldiers in order to film a reaction and sensationalize the episode with distorted fabricated reports. There are numerous staging of events by the Media that incite hatred and violence. Should the reporters and their management not be charged with incitement? 
Where is the professionalism, neutral and unbiased reporting?
What has happened to ethics in Journalism? 
Has Social Media added a new dimension to honest reporting? 
Can we overcome distorted Social Media for accuracy? 
How can we verify instant Social Media images from being
Can we impose responsible Social Media without affecting the freedom of speech?
Whether we like it or not, the masses are influenced by the Media, could you imagine how children and young adults absorb the Media hype, regardless weather it is truth or illusion. The damage is long term and may not be reversible.
Children are very impressionable, they think what they see on TV emulate real life, which we know is distorted and make believe, they carry these illusions as reality which affects their future adversely.
The Media reporting must be neutral, unbiased, balanced, objective and impartial. Violators should be subject to fines and criminal charges if people suffer due to intentional distortion of reports or intentionally slanted news to deceive or promote favoritism that escalates into violence and or cause harm and or financial loss.
When a Media outlet intentionally distorts and misinforms the news and events, it should forfeit the right to free speech and free press and face the music. It is a form of incitement.
In the past decades Media outlets have expanded the creation of sensationalism to promote readership and revenues. These types of reports are many times intentionally distort the facts and true dimension of the report. Thus, it creates more unwarranted dissension and crisis that leads to violence and death.
It seems that the Media today has no emotion, no compassion. Much of the news is choreographed for the sake of sensationalism and rating. Which comes down to increased revenues and financial gain? Society today is so hungry for money, power, instant gratification and glamour, that it crosses the line of honesty and integrity on a regular basis.
Is there a chance of going back to honor, honesty, integrity and fighting for truth and justice the old American way? 
Can the Media Overcome false showmanship, artificial presentation and insincerity. 
Broadcasting truth and reality, thereby regaining public trust in the Media?
This very same rebuke and standards must be applied to our elected government officials, who will promise you anything to get elected. Getting them to live up to their promises is another thing altogether.
A change for the better must be initiated and it must start at the top.
YJ Draiman

P.S. “The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They’re about getting ratings not informing the public about the true facts; it’s about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover and keeping us in an uproar.”